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“COS’s wedding photography studio is a forerunner in the wide field of wedding photography and cinematography, which we refer to as our most up-to-date Wedding Filmmaking department, which we refer to as our most updated Wedding Filmmaking department. The first wedding photography studio in north Bengal to introduce 360-degree cinematography, which enables the Virtual reality elements to capture beautiful moments, and we remain one of the finest today.”

Better To Have Loved And Lost, Than To Have Never Loved

Robert Patterson

“In addition to the team COS wedding studio, there is a group of extremely talented and enthusiastic professionals who work in their respective disciplines. These include photographers, cinematographers, editors, make-up artists, and managers with years of experience.”

Since 2011, we have made every effort to improve the overall quality of our work and service, while also working to incorporate the most recent technology breakthroughs in the industry as they become available.


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